Know Your Treating Cardiologist  
Dr. Ashutosh Vashistha who is Medical Director & Chief of Cardiology since last 18 years of a state of art medical facility, Lifeline Hospital & Heart Centre, providing cardiology care to a large patient population.

Lifeline Hospital is a leading private sector hospital in his community and he is a well-respected Cardiologist in Lucknow. Dr. Ashutosh Vashistha is involved in practice of cardiology for last eighteen years and spends 90% of his time in clinical, invasive & noninvasive cardiology, and is also in charge of an active ICCU. He has a very active Non Invasive lab performing Echo Doppler , Stress testing, 24 Hour Holter monitoring , 24 Hour Ambulatory BP Recording , PFT, Pacemaker testing and programming.
Dr. Vashistha is well recognized in the field of cardiology. His journey of qualifications & academic achievements has finally been internationally acknowledged. Dr Vashistha a V Fellow in Cardiology at National Heart & Lung Institute / Royal Brompton Hospital ,Cardiology Department, London, UK, V Fellow at Crawford long Hospital of Emory University, Atlanta, USA, V Fellow in Cardiology at University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa Canada. A Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine, London, Fellow Royal College of Physicians , Fellow American College of Cardiology, Fellow American College of Chest Physicians , Fellow Asia pacific Society Of Cardiology, Fellow European Society Of Cardiology, Regular Membership of Canadian Cardiovascular Society, .Regular Member Of Canadian Heart Rhythm Society, Member British Cardiovascular Society, Fellow Cardiological Society of India ,Fellow Indian College Of Cardiology, Founder Fellow Indian Academy of Echocardiography.

In 1997 Dr. Vashistha developed the Lucknow’s 1st “Telemedicine in Cardiology Programme “ which involved interconnecting smaller nursing home and hospitals in distant towns and cities in UP with Trans –Telephonic ECG Monitoring System , helping them to take appropriate therapeutic decisions , for initiating prehospital thrombolysis , reducing “ door-to-needle time ”and deciding about the need for referral to tertiary centers.

Dr. Vashistha was the first cardiologist of Lucknow to start Pacemaker Implantation Programme in a private sector and under his leadership Lifeline Hospital & Heart Centre became the only private sector hospital to be recognized by Govt. of India as a Cardiology treatment centre for its employees in 1997 and serves till date.

Dr. Ashutosh Vashistha was honoured with “2005 Humanitarian Recognition Award” by American College of Chest Physicians, the Chest Foundation, Humanitarian awards committee at the ACCP Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada on 29th Oct 2005. "Rashtriya Rattan Award" The National award In Medicine and A Certificate of excelExcellence in Medical Science, Dec 2005, New Delhi, India.